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Who Uses Our Products?

Orthotics Products

Orthotics are used to support the body. Most people will have worn or used an orthotic device at some point in their life and a few people need them permanently to function at their optimum ability.

Our orthotic supports can be found in use on people from a wide variety of leisure and sporting activities including:

  • walking and rambling
  • football and rugby
  • golf
  • stadium athletics
  • tennis
  • horse riding
  • dog walking
  • other sporting activities

A wide variety of people may find themselves in need of our orthoses such as:

  • pregnant mums to be and new mums
  • the chronically ill
  • the acutely injured
  • people born with physical challenges
  • people with flat feet
  • people with musculo-skeletal pain/illness
  • the older generation with age related conditions
  • people requiring additional support to their body

A number of professional people may also find they require orthosis such as:

  • professional sports people such as footballers, golfers and runners
  • people with active vocations such as horse trainers and dog trainers
  • Builders and other manual professions
  • Office workers who are sat or stood for periods of time
  • Warehouse workers who are lifting and moving items
  • Carers who are active and lifting people and equipment
  • Physios and therapists who are on their feet and physically active

People can find orthotic products from their chemist, an orthotist, a therapist such as a physio or podiatrists, on-line and at sports shops. They can also be prescribed and provided pre and post operatively or after an injury at a clinic or hospital.

Orthotic Systems

Orthotic diagnostic, rehabilitation and production systems are used by:

  • sporting institutions
  • sporting clubs
  • colleges and universities
  • NHS
  • private clinics
  • podiatrists
  • physios and other therapists
  • orthotists
  • orthotic manufacturers

If you are a business and you would like to learn how our products and services can help your customers, please get in touch with us today.

If you are a consumer and would like to learn more about orthotics or would like to book an appointment at our clinic, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your health matters and a well made and correctly fitted orthoses can be life changing!