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About Us

We are a family run Yorkshire based Company with over 30 years experience offering outstanding orthotic solutions which include:

  • Orthotic Products – both custom made and stock products; 95% of which are made in our production facility in Hull, Yorkshire
  • Orthotic solutions – design and manufacture of your own brand of orthotics
  • Orthotic Systems – for diagnostic and rehabilitation purposes and production of custom orthoses
  • Orthotic Clinic Services for the private and public sector at our production facility in Hull

Our customers tell us we consistently delivery outstanding quality goods and at the right price. We invite you to connect with us so we can become a part of your orthotic solution!

Our Mission

To help make many lives better by connecting people to the best orthotic solutions.

We strive to make our products and services comfortable, affordable and accessible to all.

We believe successful orthoses are crafted with devotion by the team who make them, worn with appreciation by the people who wear them, and loved by the professionals who recommend them

Our Core Values

Quality & Affordability
We never compromise on quality but believe patient comfort need not cost the earth. Everyone deserves high quality orthotic supports at a fair price.

Accessible & Available
We make it our business to ensure our products are available to the greatest number of people; at the right price and in the right time.

Flexible & Responsive
Our size is our strength and we appreciate we are helping real people, so when life happens, we’re here to help and provide a solution with a positive attitude.

Helpful & Supportive
Helping people is at the heart of our brand and it is what drives up. Whether you are a customer, a business partner or a Lakeland team member, we want to help and become a part of the solution – with a smile!

Honesty & Integrity
To be transparent about our business practices and live up to our mission to seek and create the best orthotic solutions and deliver them to our customers.

Innovative & Collaborative
Listening, evaluating and creating new or improved orthotic solutions to your problems is how we work together to help improve people’s lives.

And lastly; Loveable!
We know people make great orthoses and only by creating a company we love can we create orthotic solutions you love.

Our Vision

Be the #1 orthotic solution provider for SME’s
Become the most desired brand of orthotic devices in the public sector
Exceed our customer expectations in terms of quality, delivery and service
Raise the standard of orthotic solutions in the UK
Make accessible; quality orthoses at fair prices to the greatest number of people