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Custom Made BK Irons

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Made in Britian

British made custom orthosis made to the clinician’s measurements. We can produce to order steel or dural material BK irons.

To order call: 01482 586 088

Please refer to the Lakeland Custom Orthoses Order Form here



Available in variety of sizes of round and rectangular spur ends. These are also available with ankle hinges, e.g. dorsi-assist, free range of motion hinges, etc. Come with calf band made in EN9 covered with 3mm plastazote lining and leather/PVC top cover in a variety of colours and fastenings. Also available shaped BK irons to customised drawings for patients who require contoured side irons for extra stability. BK irons can be ordered as single, double or Rizolli irons for different purposes. All BK irons require a socket system in the base of the foot wear to anchor the BK iron and form a system. Orthopaedic shoes can be ordered from us separately or appropriate foot wear can be supplied by the patient where we can adapt and fit the BK irons. We will try our best to colour coordinate the calf band leather to the foot wear. Our team of orthotic technicians have many years of experience in the industry and can accommodate any style or request. BK irons have under many circumstances been replaced by off the shelf and bespoke AFO’s.  However, BK irons are becoming more popular once more as shoe designs and styles are improving. Please contact us to learn how we my best serve your patient and you will be pleasantly surprised by our service which includes a quick turnaround and excellent value orthoses. Also available: custom made insoles and a range of custom orthoses all made from our Hull workshop including BK irons, KAFO’s, DAFOS’s and scrum helmets.


  • Made in Great Britain by experienced technicians
  • Bespoke made for ultimate fit and functionality for maximum patient compliance
  • creates a system when combined with an orthopaedic shoe that creates lower limb stability
  • lightweight aluminium or steel
  • round and rectangular spur ends in wide variety of sizes
  • available with ankle joints in a range of styles
  • EN9 calf band lined with plastazote and covered with leather or PVC
  • Range of fastenings and ankle straps for medial or lateral correction
  • Contoured irons available for added stability
  • Orthopaedic shoes can also be supplied to create a complete custom system
  • Patients own shoes can be adapted where appropriate to create a custom system
  • Large selection of leather
  • Quick turnaround
  • Communicate with technicians directly about your order and requirements
  • Excellent customer service


  • Typically used for management of ankle and foot
  • Drop foot syndrome
  • Plantar-flexion resistance
  • Neurological deficits
  • Dorsi-flexion assistance
  • Medial-lateral foot or leg control
  • Post stroke
  • Post trauma
  • Post surgery


  • Stabilizes the foot and limits rotation where required
  • To lift foot where required



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