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Custom Insole FAQ’s

Custom Insoles in general

What are custom insoles?

These are individually made to order footwear insoles typically used to aid foot function.

What is the difference between custom made and off the shelf insoles?

Custom insoles are made to order for the individual. They tend to be higher quality and more effective orthotic devices and can only be worn by the person they are made for. Off the shelf or stock insoles are made to fit the average foot and as a result may not be as effective in providing the required result.

What are the benefits of using custom insoles?

The benefits of using custom insoles include:

• relief from pain (in the foot, knee, hip and back)

• increased comfort and stride

• provides support to weak feet

• prevents or halts the development of foot deformity

• provides better positioning of the foot

• relieves pressure for certain areas of the foot

• improves pelvic alignment

• reduces limb and knee stress

• increases function of the foot, limb, pelvis and spinal column

• improved athletic performance

• increased stamina

• prophylactical use to aid foot function and health

What conditions or symptoms are custom insoles for?

Custom insoles are useful for the following conditions and symptoms:

• heel spurs

• fore foot pain (metatarsalgia)

• heel pain (plantar fasciitis)

• Sever’s (paediatric heel pain)

• ankle pain (tibialis dysfunction/lateral impingement syndrome)

• shin pain (compartmental syndrome/shin splints)

• knee pain (patellofemoral pain syndrome, patella tibial syndrome)

• flat feet

• limb length discrepancy

• referred pain and musculo-skeletal problems resulting from weak feet and limb discrepancies

Who can use custom insoles?

Anyone can use custom insoles and they may aid in proper development of the foot and even help prevent injury. They may also help prevent the development of chronic diseases or the symptoms associated with chronic disease. We cannot provide you with medical advice and always recommend you seek professional opinion if you are concerned with your health or want advice about the use of custom insoles.

I am on my feet all day at work. Should my employer provide custom insoles?

Some employers have an occupational health care programme where custom insoles are provided for employees. We urge you to discuss the availability of custom insoles with your employer and the potential benefits to you and to the business (increased health and productivity for example). If you employer cannot supply insoles, you can still order them directly from us.

I want professional advice about custom insoles. How do I get this?

Your Doctor can advise you about your health. Depending on the nature of your enquiry, typical suitably qualified persons who may assist you also include podiatrists, orthotists, physiotherapist or other health care practitioner.

How long do custom insoles last?

This depends on usage and material used in the construction of the insole. Polypropylene will last longer but EVA is softer and more forgiving on shoes and your feet! EVA insoles can still last many months.

How often should I order custom insoles?

This depend on the material used, why you are buying them, how much you use them and the health of your feet (and body). We recommend you seek professional advice before using custom insoles to ensure you receive the insoles you need and understand when to order new ones. There may be instances where the insoles improve the health and function of the foot and your current insole may no longer be appropriate. Likewise a negative change in health may result in a change in the health of the feet. This may result in the need for additional support and new insoles may then be required.

I have health insurance. Can I get custom insoles on my insurance policy?

It may be possible to have custom insoles as part of your insurance policy. Please contact your insurance provider for more details.

Custom insoles for employers and professionals
I am a professional health care provider. Can I buy custom insoles for my patients or customers?

Yes! You can quickly and simply create an account at, view your prices and place an order. We have a Custom Insole Order Form for Professionals and Foot Impression Instructions for Professionals in our download page You can also contact us for more information.

I am an employer. Should I supply custom insoles to my employees?

We would urge you to consider the advantages to supplying your employees with custom insoles. The possible advantages include increased productivity, less waste, a happier and more comfortable workforce and increased value for your team and of course increased profitability. If you care about your workforce, your workforce will care about you! Contact us today to learn about availability of our mobile orthotics clinic where we can visit your workplace and provide your workforce with individual consultation and products including custom insoles.

Lakeland Custom Insoles

Are Lakeland’s Custom Insoles high quality?

Yes, they are made to strict industry standards and as required by the NHS. We supply custom insoles to the private sector and to the NHS and they are made to ISO standard. We barcode our insoles too for added quality assurance. They are made by experienced technicians at an established Orthotics Manufacturing facility in Hull, East Yorkshire.

Are Lakeland’s Custom insoles made in the UK?

We are a proud member of Made In GB and our products are labelled with their logo which recognises our products as manufactured in the UK!

Do you have a clinic where I may see a professional about custom insoles?

We provide a clinic providing orthotic consultation and products. If you live in the NHS East Riding of Yorkshire CCG catchment area you may be referred to us by your GP. You can also book an appointment privately to see our qualified orthotist. To learn more about our clinic please visit our Clinic page.

What are Lakeland custom insoles made from?

EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) is a type of foam which has properties which lends itself well for use as an insole. It is similar to rubber but with added durability, rigidity and elasticity (and without the rubbery smell!). It is extremely safe and comfortable to use as an insole. We have available to us a variety of additional materials which can be layered on top of the EVA to create added requirements. These can be requested on our order form. Polypropylene is more commonly used by athletes due to its added rigidity and toughness. We can also customise your polypropylene insole with a variety of materials available to us and to your preference. We offer both materials as standard and depending upon the individual’s requirements.

Can you repair custom insoles?

We may be able to refurb insoles by refreshing the cover for example. We will always give you an honest opinion and let you know when insoles are beyond repair however.

Can you alter custom insoles?

In many instances, custom insoles may be altered. We are happy to provide you with a quote!

Are Lakeland insoles hand made?

Currently we produce insoles in the traditional manner using impression boxes and they are 100% hand made. In the spring 2018 we are installing CAD/CAM orthotic system which will enable us to receive and process orders digitally. We will continue to offer customers the ability to take impression of their feet from the comfort of their homes but it means we can 3D scan the impression box and record digitally the customers impression. This also means we can produce precise replicas should the customer require additional insoles. The insoles are still going to be finished by hand, even when produced with precision initially by a machine.

What is an impression box and what is it for?

A foot impression box is a cardboard box which opens up into 2 parts. Each part is filled with a special soft foam which enables a negative impression of each foot to be recorded. This is used to make a custom made insole just for the individual. Impression boxes conveniently enable customers to order from the comfort of their homes. When you order custom insoles from us, an impression box is included in the order and we send you an impression box for you to take an impression of your feet. The box should then be returned to us, so we may create your own custom insoles.

How do you use an impression box?

We have written instruction available for customers and professionals. Written instructions on how to use a foot impression box are provided with the box. They can also be viewed and downloaded from our Download page.

How do I use Lakeland custom insoles?

Written instructions on how to use Lakeland custom insoles are provided with the insoles. They can also be viewed and downloaded from our Download page.

Lakeland Custom Insole Production

How is a Lakeland custom insole made?
  • A negative impression is taken of the foot using a foot impression box
  • Alternatively, a foot can be scanned by a 3D scanner (such as the 3D Podoscanalyzer in use at Lakeland Orthotics from Spring 2018) and an order sent digitally and the insole is produced with help from CAD milling equipment
  • If using a traditional impression box, the technician fills the negative impression with plaster to create a positive impression or cast of your foot
  • The cast is rectified by the technician who creates a more relevant or healthy position for the foot
  • The finished cast is draped in the chosen material to form a negative of the cast
  • Excess material is removed from the negative and it is ground down into the new shape and finished ready for the top cover
  • The top cover is applied and using the outline of the customers current shoe insole, excess material is removed to ensure a snug fit!
Why are Lakeland custom insoles higher priced than stock or off the shelf insoles?

Insoles you can buy off the shelf or ones that are modified to the wearer are mass produced because they are designed to fit an average foot. Our insoles are made to order and as you can see from the above FAQ, there are several technical processes involved in their making, more materials and machinery used in the production of them and of course an element of time and skilled labour. Inevitably they are going to be more costly to produce. At Lakeland we are dedicated to providing the best quality product without compromise on customer service. We constantly evaluate and look to maximise productivity so we may pass on any savings we make to always ensure our customers are receiving the best value product.

I can buy cheaper custom insoles elsewhere. Why would I buy Lakeland custom insoles?

We appreciate everybody has a budget in mind when choosing a product but we would urge you to carefully consider your choice of supplier of custom made products. Choosing an inferior product may not provide the outcome you desire and at worse, may cause harm. We supply the NHS and therefore we meet the strictest standards of quality control. We are also a small company and can remain flexible and responsive to meet our customer’s needs. We can turnaround orders quickly and you can order safely and with ease from our website. If you value your health, value your insoles!

Ordering Lakeland Custom Insoles

How do I order Lakeland custom insoles?

For step by step instructions, please visit our page How To Order Custom Insoles.

How long will it take for my insoles to arrive?

Once we receive your impression box and order form, we aim to return your insoles within 5 working days.

How will my order arrive?

We will send your Impression Box by Royal Mail and your finished insoles via UPS recorded courier delivery. Please ensure you provide a delivery address where your finished order may be signed for upon arrival.

Is delivery included in the price of the order?

Delivery of your impression box and delivery of your finished insoles are included in the cost of your order. However, you are responsible for delivery costs to return the foot impression box to us. We recommend re-using the packaging the foot impression box was sent In. We also recommend you use recorded delivery method to return the impression box as any boxes which go missing will need to be purchased and another sent out in order for us to complete your order. Foot impression boxes are supplied with your order however replacement boxes are charged at cost price (plus postage and packaging).

Can I return custom insoles?

This depends on the reason you are returning them. If you simply don’t like them or do not want them anymore, we are not obliged to provide a refund as they are custom made. However, we pride ourselves on our consistently high level of customer service and we will always do our best to ensure you are happy with your purchase. If the highly unlikely event that they are found to be faulty we will of course replace them or provide a full refund. Please see our Terms and Conditions available at the bottom of the page on our website. A Returns Form can be downloaded from our download page.

If you have a query which has not been answered here, please do not hesitate to contact us.